Russian Direct Investment Fund



The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) is a $10 billion fund established in 2011 under the leadership of the President and Prime Minister of Russia to co-invest alongside top global investors, acting as a catalyst for direct investment in Russia.

As of 2016, RDIF has invested and committed more than RUB850 billion ($15 billion), of which RDIF alone invested more than RUB 85 billion and over RUB765 billion came from co-investors, partners and banks.

RDIF also attracted over $27 billion of foreign capital into the Russian economy through long-term strategic partnerships.

Fund Priority Areas

  • Focus on market leaders
  • Growing middle class
  • Import substitution
  • Sectors where Russia has sustainable competitive advantage
  • Significant opportunities and growing demand for new infrastructure
  • Opportunities to radically increase efficiency of Russian producers
  • Increase the efficiency of Russian producers

Fund objectives

  • Act as a catalyst for FDI into the Russian economy
  • Maximize returns on investment
  • To contribute to economic modernization
  • To spur innovation and the exchange of ideas
  • To act transparently and exercise good stewardship of funds

Investment Geography

  • Predominantly Russian Federation
  • Up to 20% of the Fund can be deployed outside of Russia

Contact Details

Russian Direct Investment Fund Capital City
Moscow 123317

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