Santiago Principles Self-Assessment

State General Reserve Fund

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  • Pillar 1: Legal
  • Pillar 2: Institutional
  • Pillar 3: Investment
Principle 1

1. The legal framework for the SWF should be sound and support its effective operation and the achievement of its stated objective(s).

1.1. The legal framework for the SWF should ensure legal soundness of the SWF and its transactions.

1.2. The key features of the SWF’s legal basis and structure, as well as the legal relationship between the SWF and other state bodies, should be publicly disclosed.

SGRF was founded through a Sultani Decree in 1980.  The Sultani Decree is a publicly accessible law and has been maintained and updated through subsequent Decrees.

The Sultani Decree recognises SGRF as an independent legal entity able to contract in its own name.

Principle 6

6. The governance framework for the SWF should be sound and establish a clear and effective division of roles and responsibilities in order to facilitate accountability and operational independence in the management of the SWF to pursue its objectives.

SGRF has a written and approved Corporate Governance manual which also includes Delegation of Authority. The Delegation of Authority sets out the responsibilities of the Board, the Audit Committee and the management of SGRF.

Principle 18

18. The SWF’s investment policy should be clear and consistent with its defined objectives, risk tolerance, and investment strategy, as set by the owner or the governing body(ies), and be based on sound portfolio management principles.

18.1. The investment policy should guide the SWF’s financial risk exposures and the possible use of leverage.

18.2. The investment policy should address the extent to which internal and/or external investment managers are used, the range of their activities and authority, and the process by which they are selected and their performance monitored.

18.3. A description of the investment policy of the SWF should be publicly disclosed.

SGRF has an Investment Directives that governs SGRF high-level investment activities and or operations.

We a guide to risk exposure is included in SGRF's investment guidelines and investment processes.

The use of internal and external management and the selection of managers is defined by the SGRF investment strategy.

A brief, high-level investment policy is included in SGRF website.