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International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds Publishes New Santiago Principles Case Studies

IFSWF Chair, Adrian Orr, launches the Forum's 2016 Santiago Principles' case studies

At its eighth annual meeting in Auckland, New Zealand, the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF) published a new volume of case studies of 12 members’ experiences of applying the Santiago Principles to their institutions. The case studies outline the steps they have taken to implement the Santiago Principles, what this means for each institution and how this process has enhanced each fund’s governance structures and investment outcomes.

Adrian Orr, Chair of the IFSWF, believes that these case studies are an important step in understanding how the Forum uses the Principles to improve their governance structures and investment processes. “Each member starts the process of implementing the Principles from a different place, depending on their history and legacy structures,” he says. “Increasingly, we also understand that what the evolution looks like may not be the same for every member. But the goal is the same: to establish the best possible governance, accountability, and operational methods that will enable them to fulfil their mandate to the highest possible standard.”

The publication of the case studies will be followed in the first quarter of 2017 with self-assessments of 28 members’ application of the Santiago Principles.

About the Santiago Principles

The 24 Generally Accepted Principles and Practices for sovereign wealth funds, usually referred to as the Santiago Principles, are the cornerstone of the IFSWF. The Principles are designed to promote good governance, accountability, transparency and prudent investment practices whilst encouraging a more open dialogue and deeper understanding of sovereign wealth fund activity.

All IFSWF members voluntarily endorse the Principles and seek to implement them in their governance and investment practices.

As part of its work the IFSWF encourages members to undertake regular self-assessments and provide case studies on their practices.

For more information visit, http://www.ifswf.org/santiago-principles

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