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Morocco’s Ithmar Capital Becomes Acting Chair of the IFSWF

The IFSWF Board has resolved that the Deputy Chair, Obaid Amrane, Chief Executive Officer of Morocco’s Ithmar Capital, will become the Acting Chair following the departure of Angela Rodell from the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC) on 9 December 2021, in line with the IFSWF Membership Agreement. APFC nominated Marcus Frampton, the corporation’s Chief Investment Officer, as its new IFSWF Board member.

Duncan Bonfield, Chief Executive of the IFSWF Secretariat, said:

“All members of the IFSWF would like to thank Mr Amrane for taking on the role of Acting Chair, in these unprecedented circumstances. They would also like to thank the board for its swift and decisive actions in resolving the situation. We all look forward to working with Mr Amrane to continue to promote governance best practices, and help members share knowledge on the most pressing investment issues, including climate change, rising inflation and cross-border regulation.”

The board’s first meeting was held online on Thursday 20 January 2022.


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