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The Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) is the sovereign wealth fund of the State of Qatar.

Under the leadership of our Chairman, HH Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, is an important building block of the Qatar National Vision 2030, and a respected professional global investor.

Establishment and ownership

QIA was established by Emiri Decision No 22 in 2005 as an independent government investment institution and went into operation in early 2006.

QIA is wholly owned and subject to supervision by the Government of the State of Qatar and has a independent legal personality and a budget. The Fund's founding legislation allows for the separation of roles and responsibilities among the owner, the governing entity, and the management.

QIA’s mandate is to develop, invest, and manage the state reserve funds and other property assigned to it by the Government via the Supreme Council of Economic Affairs and Investments. QIA's founding legislation gives the fund the required capacity, powers, and competences to act in fulfilling its statutory mandate and achieve its objectives.

Governing body

QIA’s Board of Directors is the supreme body, having full control over its affairs and the discharge of its business. The Board consists of a chairman, a vice chairman, and a number of members. QIA’s Board meets regularly and as required, for setting out and review of QIA’s strategic policy in accordance with its mandate. QIA’s Board does not normally engage itself in the decisions relating to day-to-day business, as those are assigned by the Emiri Decision to the chief executive officer and the management.


QIA’s CEO is responsible for the internal control of QIA, management of its affairs, and the implementation of its general policy. The CEO is assisted by a management team including an investment committee and business departments, including direct investment in real estate and private equity. The investment function is supported by internal audit, legal, administration, and finance departments.

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