Armenian National Interests Fund

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The Armenian National Interests Fund (ANIF) is a state-owned enterprise established to co-invest alongside major global investors and industrial partners in large-scale projects in Armenia. Our mandate is to be a proactive investor and partner in the region to generate and facilitate investments in crucial sectors of the economy and infrastructure.

The main goal of the company’s activity is to be a core link for promoting the investment interests of the Republic of Armenia through participation in business initiatives with acceptable risks and through the management of a portfolio of strategic investment projects. Although ANIF is a government-established organisation, it is non-partisan and non-political, whose primary stakeholders are the State of Armenia, the people of Armenia, and internal and external investors. Our strategy is based on the ultimate goal of creating shared value and benefits for all our stakeholders, regardless of the political nomenclature. 

ANIF was established in May 2019 and, since then, has signed more than a dozen memoranda of mutual understanding and agreements with local market participants and international investors from Italy, Russia, UAE and Austria. As a result of these agreements, ANIF is already co-financing two major projects of strategic importance for Armenia’s economic development. The projects are AYG-1 (construction of solar photovoltaic station) with Masdar (wholly owned by the Abu Dhabi government’s Mubadala Investment Company) and Fly Arna (creation of a national low-cost air carrier) with Air Arabia. ANIF is also investing in smaller projects in Armenia through its’ subsidiary “Entrepreneur + State” Fund. The latter shares business risks with an Armenian businessperson and ensures the flow of private capital into the economy.

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