Ethiopian Investment Holdings

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Ethiopian Investment Holdings (EIH) is the largest sovereign wealth fund in Africa, with over $150 billion in assets under management and additional dividend income inflow. It recently joined its African peers in January 2022. EIH represents Ethiopia’s long-term commercial and investment interest.

EIH encompasses close to thirty State-owned enterprises and holds flagship enterprises such as Ethiopian Airlines and Ethio Telecom in its portfolio. Its subsidiaries span multiple sectors and employ about a quarter of a million employees. It sets out to optimise the performance of public assets and attract seizable investment by establishing a co-investment platform in partnership with global investors. In addition, EIH is expected to have a stake in the nation’s securities exchange and manage both tangible and intangible national assets.

EIH is tasked with managing its subsidiaries, funds and assets by leveraging international best practices, applying the Santiago principle, adhering to IFRS compliance standards, and using suitable corporate governance mechanisms.

EIH is committed to elevating Ethiopia by transforming its economy, championing partnerships and world-class portfolio management. The public entrusts EIH to ensure that growth occurs sustainably, where economic prosperity intersects with social justice. EIH intends to drive economic transformation and harness the growth potential of a young and increasingly urban population to generate jobs and financial returns for the nation and its co-investors.

EIH’s vision is to create wealth to meet the nation’s developmental objectives and lay the foundation for prosperity by enhancing the quality of livelihood of its citizens.


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General Klingsite Street, Hilcoe Floor 5
Addis Ababa