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The Sovereign Wealth Fund of the Gabonese Republic (FSRG), has its origins in the Fund for Future Generations (FGF) which was created in 1998. Its mission was to ensure that future generations enjoy a quality of life similar to that of current generations. A decree by the President of the Republic redesigned it in 2011 to become the Sovereign Wealth Fund of the Gabonese Republic (FSRG).

To this end, the resources of the FSRG are intended to be used for structuring development projects, with the aim of ensuring the long-term diversification of the country's resources.

As the exclusive manager of the Sovereign Wealth Fund of the Gabonese Republic and of the unallocated holdings of the Gabonese government’s portfolio, the Fonds Gabonais d’Investissements Stratégiques (FGIS) leverages the government’s resources from its portfolio and from oil exploitation for the benefit of Gabon’s infrastructures, economic fabric and social sectors.

FGIS focuses on the long-term financial performance of its assets under management and invests towards the achievement of shared prosperity for the benefit of the Gabonese population and future generations.

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