Investment Corporation of Dubai

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United Arab Emirates

Vision, Mission and Mandate

The Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD) is the principal investment arm of the Government of Dubai. Established in 2006, ICD manages a broad portfolio of assets, both locally and internationally, across a wide spectrum of sectors that support Dubai’s dynamic economy.

ICD’s vision is to secure a prosperous future for Dubai and its people through a world-leading professional organisation. 

ICD’s mission is to invest in attractive opportunities to achieve appropriate risk-adjusted returns over the long term by partnering with high-quality managers and investors and engaging responsibly and sustainably across a range of asset classes, sectors and geographies.

ICD’s mandate is to consolidate and manage the Government’s portfolio of commercial companies and investments. ICD also provides strategic oversight by developing and implementing an investment strategy and corporate governance policies that maximise value for the long-term benefit of the Emirate of Dubai.

Investment Strategy

ICD’s investment strategy is derived from the mandate given in its governing law to:

  • Consolidate and manage the existing portfolio of companies and investments of the Government of Dubai;
  • Provide financial and strategic oversight of the portfolio in order to preserve wealth and grow value sustainably; and
  • To enhance returns and diversification. Efficiently deploy and recycle capital by making new investments, either locally, if commercially sound and strategically aligned with ICD’s mandate, or internationally, to enhance returns and diversification.

Significant progress was made with regard to the first part of this mandate in the early years of ICD’s life. The composition of the core portfolio has remained relatively stable whilst achieving growth and performing well over cycles. For some time now, ICD’s focus has been directed towards portfolio management and capital deployment, both critical to the successful implementation of the second limb of the mandate. In recent years, as a natural evolution of the strategy, ICD has increasingly emphasised capital deployment in international markets and in diversifying asset classes to enhance the long-term risk-adjusted return potential of ICD’s investment portfolio.

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United Arab Emirates

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