Highlights of the 7th Annual Meeting of the IFSWF


IFSWF Chair’s message

The 7th Annual Meeting in Milano, hosted by the Fondo Strategico Italiano, was an important time for IFSWF members to look back on a year of substantial achievement--both at the member institutions and in the IFSWF collective – and to plan for the future.

The IFSWF is an organization of sovereign wealth funds bound by common endorsement of the Santiago Principles, and in Milan we reaffirmed our commitment to them. Endorsement strengthens the positive role that sovereign wealth funds play in global financial markets as commercial, long-term investors.

At the Annual Meeting, members approved ambitious work plans for our three sub-committees. SC1 will work to strengthen member implementation of the Santiago Principles, including through workshops and the publications of self-assessments against the Principles. SC2 on Investment and Risk Management will present three case studies at the 8th Annual Meeting in Auckland. Finally, SC3 will build an online repository of good regulatory practices, and increase communications on the purpose and character of sovereign wealth funds, and on the support offered by the Santiago Principles in achieving institutional mandates.

We also accomplished several important organizational tasks: we successfully implemented a new Members’ Agreement, elected a new board, welcomed four new members, and prepared to launch a new website and internal sharing platform.

We look forward to staying engaged with you beyond the annual meeting. Please do contact the IFSWF Secretariat at secretariat@ifswf.org with thoughts on how the members might collaborate better and further. For our part, the Board will be giving this important question proper attention. You can find all materials from the conference, including the presentations, speeches, press release, participant list, and agenda, on our website, www.ifswf.org