Who we are

The board

The board provides strategic leadership to the IFSWF and appoints the chief executive, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the IFSWF Secretariat. The IFSWF membership elects the five-member board every three years. The board is led by the Chair and is composed of a Deputy Chair and three non-elevated directors, which are the nominated representatives of the respective IFSWF members. The Deputy Chair accedes the chair at the end of their term.

Current board members

  • Obaid Amrane

    Acting IFSWF Chair

    CEO, Ithmar Capital

  • Marcus Frampton

    Marcus Frampton

    IFSWF Board Member

    CIO, Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation

  • Isabelle Bébéar

    IFSWF Board Member

    Director of International and European Affairs, BPIFrance

  • JU Weimin

    IFSWF Board Member

    Vice-Chairman, President and Chief Investment Officer, China Investment Corporation

  • Kevin Bong

    IFSWF Board Member

    Managing Director, Director, Economics and Investment Strategy, GIC

IFSWF Secretariat

The principal role of the IFSWF Secretariat is to facilitate dialogue between the Forum's members both in person and online. The Secretariat helps convene the Forum's subcommittees, which undertake the IFSWF's reasearch, and facilitate the interactions between the members and their academic and commercial partners. The Secretariat also oversees peer assistance projects, workshops and the agenda of the Forum's annual meeting.

  • Duncan Bonfield

    Chief Executive Officer

    Duncan Bonfield joined IFSWF in 2016

  • Victoria Barbary

    Director of Strategy & Communications

    Victoria joined IFSWF in 2016.

  • Enrico Soddu

    Head of Data & Analytics

    Enrico joined IFSWF in 2017.