Fundo Soberano de Angola

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To promote the social and economic development of Angola by generating wealth for the Angolan people.




FSDEA investment focus is to generate sustainable financial returns that benefit Angola’s people, economy and industries. FSDEA manage a diverse portfolio of investments and are an active partner in these ventures.




The Fund is guided by a set of values that act as its guiding principles in everything we do and everything we strive to achieve:




The Fund is committed to the highest level of transparency across all areas of our business. The Board of Directors will continue to devote to a transparent and responsible management, in accordance with the best practices of the industry, as well as the Santiago Principles. In the future the Fund will endeavour to receive a high rating by the Linaburg-Maduell Transparency Index, an internationally renowned third party index established to rate sovereign wealth funds and their commitment to transparency.




The Fund is fully accountable for all of its actions and always acts in the best interest of the people of Angola and all other stakeholders. The Fund will endeavor to follow the Generally Accepted Principles and Practices (GAPP) as stated in the Santiago Principles in all its undertakings.




The Fund is a responsible state entity and is committed to making an impact on all stakeholders, especially the Angolan people and their communities.




The Fund’s actions are founded on integrity and always respect the laws and regulations of Angola and the countries where it invests and operates.

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Edificio Metropolis, 217-221 Rua Kwamne N'Krumah

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